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Valleys in Kashmir

Kashmir ValleyKashmir Valley: 
As said the Paradise on Earth. Kashmir valley was initially a big lake called Sat-e-sar which got drained into the deep gorge of Baramulla. After the draining of the water, the valley emerged to be a place for civilization. The valley is called Paradise because it has everything that makes you fall in love with nature. Kashmir is beautified with breath-taking lakes, fresh water streams, luscious fruits, magnificent forests, mighty mountains and lush meadows, walking trails and hill ranges. Kashmir experiences all the four major seasons - Spring Summer Autumn and Winter - making it attractive all around the year.

Gulmarag is another recreational spot for the adventure lovers. Due to its exceptional beauty it used to be the favorite resort for the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Gulmarag have now developed into a prime location for Skiing and gandolas. Every year Gulmarag hosts two major skiing events during Christmas and Ester having more than 500 participants from all over the globe.

Pehalgam is also called the valley of the shepherds. The beauty of this valley is enhanced by Sheshnag and Lidder Valley. Around Pehalgam there are many places worth visiting to which the pony rides are also offered. Pehalgam is famous for Horse riding, Golfing, Fishing and Trekking.

Sonmarag:Kashmir valley
Sonmarag is the Sindh valley which presents a spectacular side of natural beauty. It is called meadow of gold as it has snowy mountains against the cerulean sky in its backdrop. Trout fishing in the Sindh river which is full of trouts is another leisure activity apart from admiring nature in this valley. Sonmarag is also the base of the major trekking adventures to several mountain lakes like Vishansar, Kishansar, Gadsar, Satsar and Gangabal. Sonmarag is also used as the base camp for Amarnath Yatra.

Lidder Valley:
Lidder Valley is nearer to the Pehalgam valley. It has many glacier fed water streams which are full of different types of trouts. Lidder valley also houses wildlife life Himalayan black bear, Hangul, Snow leopard, Musk deer and Brown bear.

Sindh Valley:
Sindh valley is of historical importance since it was the silk route in and worked as a bridge between India and China. This route is also marked as a place of enterance of Bhuddhism and Islam in Kashmir. Sindh valley is famous for its dense forest of pine and fir and alpine meadows. This valley also contributes as a major source of hydroelectric power to the state and also provides water for irrigation. It also has many tourist spots like Baltal, Gagangear, Narang and Wayil. Apart from other wild animals Markhor and Ibex are also found here.

Bangus Valley:Bangus Valley is famous for its Golf Course (which when completed is believed to have the potential of becoming Asia's biggest golf course) and a natural biome. Once the inflitration bowl, this beautiful valley is a high altitude plain surrounded by fir forests and snow clad mountains. The valley is also enriched by the culture of pastoral nomads.

Kashmir ValleyDachigam Valley:
Dachigam literally means "ten villages". This area was delineated as game (mainly huntry) preserve by Maharaja of Kashmir in 1910. Now Dachigam has been grown to a Wildlife sanctuary which comprises of 145 different varieties of birds including Lammergeier, Monal Pheasant and Blue Magpie. Also the park houses Himalayan wild animals like Leopard, Common Palm Civet, Jackal, Red Fox, Yellow-throated Marten and Himalayan Weasel.

Gurez Valley: 
Gurez valley is also known as the crown of Kashmir. River coming along the lush green meadows, walnut & willow trees all around, mountains on the either side make it a breathtaking picturesque. Gurez valley is famous for Habba Khatoon Mountain and its remote nature and archeological sites.

Yusmarag Valley:
Yusmarag is acres and acres of grassy meadows ringed by the pine forests, surrounded by snow clad mountains. Yusmarag is idealistic spot for family picnics. Here you can also find some fine walking trails - alond the meadows, along flower strewns, along the banks of the mighty river, alonf the foothill of the mountain. The magesticity of the river Dudh Ganga is experienced while on the other hand the beauty & calmness of captivating Nilnag lake makes you fall in love with this valley.

Aadu Valley:
Also called Aru Valley. The nature is at its best in this valley. This is the base camp for the expeditions to Litherwath, Tarsar, Marsar, Nag Beeran etc.

Betaab Valley:Kashmir Valley
Betaab Valley is the valley in Pehalgam which has been named after the Bollywood movie - 'Betaab' as the whole movie was shooted in this valley. This place is surrounded by ofty mountain ranges, gushing streams and rivulets, green fields and meadows. The beauty of this valley is so amazing that one can spend ample of time in solace.

Chandanwadi is 16 Kms from Pehalgam and can be reached either by driving or by a pony ride. This valley is the start point of the Amarnath Yatra. The mountain terrains of Chandanwadi make the walking tracks more steeper. Thus this place is also Trekker's Paradise.

Daksum Valley is said to be the walker's paradise. Walking up-hill will make you experience the beauty of coniferous forests, gurguling brooks and shepherds tending flocks. The end of the hill is a breathtaking grassy meadow full of pasturing sheeps. It is indeed nature's paradise with the beautiful combination of flora and fauna making it a perfect retreat in solitude. The embracing breeze, the solidute between the densely clad hills and the magestic snow covered mountains all contribute to its mystic beauty. 

Kokernaag is famous for its sprawling gardens always full of bloom of the large variety of flowers. The fragrance of variety of fauna is indeed a splendour. Kokernaag is also famous for having springs at seven places which are famous for their medicinal and digestive properties.

Kashmir ValleyVerinaag:
Verinaag is visited for having the spring which is believed to be the source of river Jehlum. The spring was bound in an octagonal arcade by emperor Jahangir. Moving down the arcade are lined Mughal pavilions and baths.

Yousmarag seems to be an emperorial estate having acres of grassy meadows, which are ringed by lush deep green pine forests resting along the clustered green hills which are towered by magestic snow clad mountains. Yousmarag is an idealitic picnic spot. It comprises of natural walking trails which include walking uphill, along the meadows, along the banks of might Dudh Ganga, along the captivating Nilnag lake and so on. From this place one can plan to visit peaks like Tatta Kutti and Sang Safed. Also the journey to this place can be completed by paying a homage to the Nund Rishi by visiting shrine of patron saint Sheikh Noor-ud-din - Charar-e-Sharif.

Aharbal is famous of a waterfall which crashes itself in the narrow gorge. Also the journey to this place can be completed with a trek to the high altitude lake called Kaunsernag which is 13,500 feet above the sea level.

Lolab Valley:Kashmir Valley
Lolab valley is enchanting with its green serene of apple orchards. Flat paddy fields, deep green trees of walnut, apple orchards, timbered houses with tatched roofs, vermilion of chillies kept for drying, verdant summers and gold autumns make this a speacial valley worth visiting. Lolab valley preserves the Kashmir village life that has been lived since ages.

Matan is an important Hindu pilgrimage for it resides the ruins of the Martand temple. The valley is also known for fish filled springs.

Watbal is the panoply of the Kashmir valley. It is a well transversed area which is visited as pilgrimage to shrine of Baba Shukurudin. Watbal has the rare combination of raw nature with breathtaking picturesque villages, terraced fields of paddy, forest rest houses, apple orchards and hills. The beautiful & calm Wular lake stretches from this place.