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Hayrath Mahima

It is a well known historical story of Kashmir. That time Zabar Jung was ruling us. He wanted to convert all of us into Islam but was unable to do so. Just to pressurize and harass us once he declared that KPs should celebrate their Shivratri in Summer , because he knew that traditionally we would offer fresh snow to Votuk and in summer it was not possible. When appealed for his mercy he has said " If KPs have such faith in their God they can as well ask Him to snow in summer. It is said that due to the prayers of KPs that year it has indeed snowed in summer.

Zabar jug could not belive this and said it is Hayrath ( word for surprise in their language). Since them we have been calling shivratri as herath a deformed form of Hayrath. It did not stop there. He came to know that one of the reasons for our such powers was that we were vegetarian. To address this issue there after every year after shivratri he would invite Hindus to his palace for a feast where non vegetarian food was served.Hindus could not dare to refuse it and gradually became non vegetarian. On this day we would greet him with Salam. That is how Salam became a festival for us to celebrate that is unique among us.