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Welcome the Warrior Great

Come, come he has come Intoxicant of freedom Follower of the Prophet Chief of the Islamic army He has come to get us freedom Save us from oppression He has come to remove infidelity And relieve us from idolator Come my friend you also see How a manly crusader he is Illiterate but nursing good habits Beautiful by appearance People treated him as a loose character Ever since his return from across After obtaining rifle training He derives lot of respect And hospitality wherever he goes People come from far and wide To get blessed by his nature Talks very loud and lofty Educates even the intellectuals As if he is a high priest O friend I reveal a secret to you Till recently he was a coward He would love but was nervous Had no courage to admit openly I snubbed and he came to senses Spoke to his friend upon meeting He showed him path to green pastures Go across and become a warrior That will get you wide acclaim Nasreen’s father will himself Give her hand into yours Your wish shall get fulfilled Realized import of his suggestion Went across to get trained Brought a pistol along on return Yesterday he visited our home Spent the night and relished delicious dishes My father was so happy I can’t reveal in words Crusader had visited his home He dreamt of making him son-in-law To earn the favour of warriors In just a wink he revealed his mind The crusader also accepted his plea Hearing this Mumtaz retorted My friend you are innocent Don’t take ill of what I say Asgar is a plunderer He figures in the list of murderers He is a characterless fellow Don’t tie up knot with him Some days ago he came to our place Received befitting welcome Smiled upon having my glimpse Made a request to my father Wanted my hand for him Would you become my fiend? I won’t marry him at all How can I bear your ruination Credits - Nancy Bhushan Dhar