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Smile Smile and Smile at the Hilt

Smile, smile and smile at hilt The time for smiling has come Smile over those sights Smile at the scenery Which you may be recollecting Also those which never come to mind Smile, smile and smile at hilt The time for smiling has come That blossom on every branch Those snow clad mountains The gardens laid by the Mughals Famous all over the world The scenic beauty of Dal lake And crystal clear water of Wular lake The waves erupting from the lake Pleasant for those consciencious Dreadful for the meak Trees laden with blood red apples Those streams joining perennial Jhelum All that you left back Upon departure years ago You recall tears shed by you Now smile give up bemoaning For days of smile have come Smile, smile and smile at hilt The time for smile has come Smile because the paradise you left Has turned into Hell Fields are barren and streams waterless The flow Jhelum as if stopped The waves of Wular stand ceased Mountains still exist But bereft of snow and scenery Everything devoured by Death Smile for the stupidity of those Responsible for your exodus Smile at their ruination Smile over their insanity They have been themselves compelled To leave their homes and hearths Those who were enemies yesterday Are pretending friendship today How can one trust the cunning After all the memories of those days Lead to tearful eyes and running nose Blood as if rendered useless Avoids running in the veins Reminding over and over again Against reposing any trust in them For apprehension of renewed deceit Pleading against getting misled For they are foes not friends Hence donot tie up with them again Beware of the stabs in the back That can finish your life With pretending friends repeating enmity Why should one have mercy on those Who were never worthy of trust Therefore, fellow migrants Smile, smile and smile Smile at hilt and smile The time for smile has come Let Kashmir get devastated Vanish from the world map Pray for it day in and out For what could not remain ours Should not exist for others Much less for those Responsible for our miseries Let their lives become miserable And long for morsels Bereft of tongue to quench thirst Ears unable to hear Beatless heart and senseless brain Oh friends ! forgive me I was lost in emotions for a while Said all what I should not have Understand the extent of my hurt emotions I was peacefully living alongwith my family Compromising with existing situations Eating whatever little available And remembering Almighty all the while But you did not bear with that And forced us out of homes Believe me I am not a bigot And have faith in equality of humans Wish people share only love And become real human beings I always pray for this And now I request you also Smile, smile and smile The time for smiling has come Smile at hilt and smile For smile is the juice of longevity Life passes with ease and happiness And brings success to every individual Come on share love with one another The poet also has well said GOD Is Love and Love Is GOD You smile over regaining our love Stand up and muster resources To crush these seditious elements Don’t go into pros and cons But get up and act So that you smile, smile and smile Smile unhesitatingly and smile at hilt Credits - Nancy Bhushan Dhar