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Blessed Nephew

Woke up a 4 O clock morning To the sound of gushing water Took no time to comprehend Something bad was to happen The sound was furious Like that of whirlwind To see for himself the approaching Catastrophy with all its might The scene was depressing Water carrying lot of furniture And various household items Pointing to some houses uprpooted Went to first storey below To awaken the landlord couple Spending their old age in moorings Infortunately the aged couple Perhaps unmindful of coming events Took to drawing cash and valuables Instead of taking kitchen items To the third storey rooms The nephew held his senses intact Laid hands only on essentials Shifting these to top floors This took around twenty minutes And water rose to second floor Young nephew felt somewhat irked By the old couples' responses And their greed even in adversity Pondered tying logs with ropes And float to unknown safety Next moment shelved the idea In the spirit of kind brave heart Not to leave the old couple Alone in such unsavoury situation The humble thought held him back To himself suffer the ordeals And leave the results to destiny They spent a week as 'hanjis' Living in houseboats in vast lake Though not the floating ones And scepticle about its safety The rescue team shifted them To the camps set up uphill There the nephew had A real experience of life With people otherwise well known Behaving as unknown figures Giving lessons for life ahead Not fit for retaining in memory Credits - Nancy Bhushan Dhar