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Gardens in Kashmir

Kashmir gardenThe rulers of Kashmir built gardens for themselves so that they can enjoy the scenic beauty with tarraced lawns and cascading fountains. Now these places have become the famous spots of excursion and picnic for locals and visiting tourits.
The famous gardens in Kashmir are:

Shalimar Bagh
Shalimar Bagh in Kashmir was built by Mughal Ruler Jahangir in 1619 AD and called it as "Farah Baksh". In Shahjahan's reign, this garden was renamed as "Faiz Baksh". The garden was graded in three sections - outer most section called "Deewan-e-Aam", Middle one was called "Deewan-e-Khas" and the upper most section was for Empress and her ladies. The romantic effect of the garden is created by huge number of the fountains, one single centrally running water channel, might chinars and lush green lawns.

Nishat Bagh
Nishat Bagh in Kashmir also known as the garden of delight was created by Asaf Khan - brother of Noor Jahan in 1632. It commands a magnificant view of Dal Lake in front and magestic mountains in back. This garden originally had 12 terraces.

Chashm-e-shahi / Botanical GardenKashmir garden
This garden was originally built by Ali Mardan in 1942 AD. It is a terraced garden and there is a spring located at the upper most terrace, which is famous for its pure, crystal clear and sparkling mineral water. However in 1969 this garden was given a beautiful landscape by forming 4 components Recreational Garden, Botanical Garden, Research Section, and Plant Introduction Centre. There also is a lake spread over the area for the joy rides. The garden is color feast of spring, fragrance and roses. Over 1.5 Lakh ornamental plants, representing about 300 plant species have been planted in the garden.

Pari Mahal
Pari Mahal garden in Kashmir is the distorted name of "Peer Mahal" built by Prince Dara Shikon in 1640 for his tutor Peer Mullah Shah as summer residence and meditation center. It is a seven terraced garden located at the base of the Zabarwan mountain range.

Harwan garden in Kashmir is located on the hill side of Harwan and has ancient ornamented tile pavements of Bhuddist period. This garden comes under ASI (Archeological Site in India)

Kashmir GardenTulip Garden
Tulip garden in Kashmir was previously named as Model Floriculture Centre. It is built in the foothills of the Zabarwan mountains and has a picturesque of Dal Lake. This garden was created, conceptualized and conceived in memory of Indira Gandhi by J & K former chief minister Ghulam Nabi Azad. Over 12 lack tulip bulbs of 68 varieties of different colors are sown in Nov-Dec.

Jharoka - Manasbal
Jharoka garden in Kashmir is also known as Jharokbal garden situated on the bank of Manasbal Lake. The name Jharoka garden is the distorted name of "Daroga bagh" also known as "Lalla Rookh's Garden" was built for Empress Noor Jahan. This garden is almost in ruins however still posseses calmness with the captivating beauty of Lake and environment serene.

Mughal Garden - Acchbal
Achbal garden in Kashmir was built by Empress Noor Jahan in 1620 and is watered by an ancient and once sacred spring from the adjacent hillside. Fountains in water channels spray and splash and cascades tumble presenting a romantic view. This garden posseses all the characteristics of a Mughal garden - Stepped terraces, Huge Chinars, Ornamental Shrubs, Clear water fountains and sparkling falling water.

Darashikoh Bagh - Bijbehara, AnantnagKashmir Garden
Darashikoh bagh in Kashmir was built by prince Dara Shikoh in 1640 AD. Its situated on the banks of Jehlum river and was one of the camping grounds of the Mughal Army while they were on Journey.

Botanical Garden Kokernag - Anantnag
The botanical garden in Kashmir was a small garden until it was extended in 1960 and about One Lakh ornamental plants, trees, bushes, roses, as well as flora from the wild niches of higher range has been planted. Modern effects like rosary, Japanese bridges over the gushing water stream, water ponds, live garden seats, topiary work etc. are points of attraction in the garden.

Mughal Garden - Verinag Anantnag
Verinag Garden in Kashmir is the distorted name of "Virah Nag" (son of Kashyp Rishi). Verinag garden is located at the foothill of Banihal and was built by Emporer Shahjahan since he was impressed by the natural beauty of this irregular spring and its surroundings and built an octagonal tank of sculptured stones around it in 1620 A.D. Seven years later Dara Shikoh constructed cascaded fountains in a straight line with Hamams for bathing. Its bountiful gushing water, open lawns, mighty chinars, colour and fragrance of flowers against the backdrop of a green forest are the bounties of nature makes this garden worth visiting.

Kashmir GardenZabarwan
Zabarwan park Kashmir is on the Boulevard road, Dal Lake. This garden provides beautiful view of Dal Lake and snow clad mountains. Activities like "Aero Balloon" has been encouraged to attract more visitors.

Saffron Farms
Along the road side of National Highway, huge Saffron farms can be seen. The bulbs are sown in the month of July and fields are in full bloom in the month of October. Traditionally, planting, harvesting, separation of the stigma from the flower, drying of the saffron is done by all generations of the farmer's family. It is a festive occasion, with kahwa or saffron tea being served as a refresher.

Nehru Park
Nehru park is not a Mughal garden however is the most busiest park on the Boulevard Road. The park is situated in the Dal Lake and hence provides a paranormic view.

Char Chinari
Char Chinari in Kashmir is a floating garden admist of the Dal Lake and is like a small island beautified with only four chinar trees