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Gadda Batta

 The Gadda  means Fish and Batta means cooked rice. This is celebrated on the dark fortnight in the lunar month of Pousha. This ritual is usually celebrated on Tuesday or Saturday except when there is panchak. On this day rice and fish is specially cooked and near and dear ones are invited for dinner. Gadda Batta is meant for the lord of the house called Ghar Divta. Before the feast, the prayers are offered to Ghar Divta by decorating a plate with cooked rice and uncooked fish arranged and placed in the clean place on the top floor or roof top called Kaeni. The plate is also accompanied with a glass of water and a toothpick. 

It is said that this is a very auspicious day as the Ghar Divta comes to and eats the feast. After the plate is placed for the deity, then food / feast is served for the near and dear ones. There are many evidences and eye witnesses that the food kept in the Kaeni has been consumed and fish bones are laying on the sides of the plate. It is said that the food is consumed by the lord himself.  


Feast for the Lord                                          Feast for self