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Namaste Sharada Devi Kashmira-pura-vasini

Tvamaham Prarthye Nityam Vidya Danam Cha Dahi Mi

Salutations to you, O Sharada, O Goddess, O one who resides in Kashmir.

I pray to you daily, please give me the charity of knowledge. || 1 ||




The word "Kashmir" is an old Sanskrit word which literally means Land of Kashyap Rishi. It is said that Kashyap Rishi, Saraswat Brahmin & one of the Saptrishis', who was also a key in formalizing the ancient Vedic Religion formed and lived in this valley. Kashmiri pandits being the decendants of Kashyap Rishi and have thus named the valley "Kashmir" to honor him. 

Kashmir has a perfect location when it comes to spending time with mother nature - it is resting in the lap of snow peaked magestic Himalayas. The breathtaking beauty, clear waters, lakes, green meadows, coniferous forests, charming and mesmerizing nature makes you fall in love with the valley.

The place indeed is a vacational spot for people who need some time out from the noise & pollution of urban areas; however it also is motherland for those who are still in search of a hope to get their homes back and be called "Residents" instead of "Migrants".. 


Loosing Identity 



If We Won't Care,,, Then Who Will ? ? ? 

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Mughal Gardens 



Know Your Roots,, Know Your Self,,,
Only Then you Can Fly Higher...





After All, Even Tiny Efforts Make Huge Differences...